Android Data Recovery

We recover data from Android phones and Android tablets.  We can recover your data in the following situations.

- Mistankenly deleted files (pictures, music, videos) from iPhone, iPad or iPod.

- Data disappeared after Android upgrade (firmware upgrade).

- You had to restore your Android device it did not boot and lost all your files.

- Your Android phone is not charging and phone or tablet does not boot.

- Android smartphone is briked and need the data.

If you need to recover data it is very important that you turn off yourAndroid smartphone or Tablet as soon as you realise there is a problem such as (pictures deleted by mistake, data gone after phone restore...). 

When you delete the the files from your Android phone or Android tablet the data is not really gone. The disk is marked empty so that so it will start using this space as soon as you store new content. To increase the chances of data recovery and maximize the recovered data it is very important that you turn off your device as soon as you realize you have lost data.

We can recover images, audio files and video files from your Android phone or Android tablet. Installed applications can not be recovered. If you need to rocover other file types, please let us know about your particular case. 

Android Phone and Android Tablet Data Recovery Fees

Service Price
Deleted files (pictures, music, videos) 25,000Yen
Data disappeared after firmware upgrade or restoration 25,000Yen
Battery red not charging and phone does not boot 25,000Yen
The device is briked and need the data. 30,000Yen

A very specialized know how is required to succed in the Android data recovery field. As it is not easily replicated only a handful of companies can offer this service. If you think your customers may be interested in this service and want to add it to your service list, do not hesitate to contact LoreaTec.

If you need to recover data from Apple devices (iPhone, iPad...) please check out our iPhone data recovery service.