PC Maintenance Contract

プログラミングIf you are looking for PC repair and maintenance long term support, look no further. 

Get our PC maintenance contract and enjoy our high priority support for your home or company  PCs. Whatever the problem is our maintenance contract will cover it.  

 Unlimited Remote Support
Up to 3 on site support visits for each computer per year.



Hard drive file checkSometimes files get corrupted with use. This will help identify and correct most file system errors.
Install latest security updatesTo keep your computer secure, it is essential to have it updated with the latest updates.
Check temperature (CPU grease)A high temperature will make your PC freeze and loose data. We will check if all values are normal apply a remediation procedure (such us new CPU grease) if it is necessary.
Hard drive condition check Hard Drives and SSD drives are the weakest part of a computer. We will check all health values that are vital to predict a failure before it actually occurs.
PC cleaningDust easily accumulates on the fans and heat sinks of all computers. We will clean it during our maintenance visit.
Remove temporary filesWith time, unnecessary temporary files build up on your computer that take hard disk space and make it slower.
Registry cleaningThe registry gets also full of broken entries when we install and uninstall software. Cleaning it will help your PC worf faster and safer.  Note about cleaning software
Error checkWe will check computer logs and error messages and fix any errors we find.
ConsultingWe will be happy to answer any questions or give you professional advice about any IT related subject.

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PC Maintenance Fees
Number of PCs

※Replacement parts are not included.

※If you order on site support, we may perform the maintenance tasks on the same visit. 

※Fair usage policy applies.

※If you order together with family, friends or other companies you can benefit from volume discount. 

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