Business Process Automation

プログラミングIt is essential to automatize business processes to improve productivity and competitive advanges. We can automate repetitive tasks that require no human input as well as tasks where human input remains is necessary but can be greatly speed up by automation of connected dtasks.

Better quality: avoid errors, lower expenses and avoid delays.

Faster service: automatized processes can be easily be scaled up and down. Your company can increase sales and respond to cyclic changes with lower expenses.

Satisfied employees and customers: customers receive a better and more efficient service. Employees are free of boring tasks and can spend their time on more productive endeavors.

At Loreatec we are specialists on automatizing processes for the service sector companies. Please see the work flow bellow:

A) Study the process your company intends to automatize, gather all the related to the process. After the study we propose a solution to automatize the process including the cost and development time.

B) Development of the automation and testing.

C) Implementation and optimization follow up.