pc slow RAM Upgrade

Increase RAM memory

Computer performance depends greatly on the availability of RAM memory. PCs will work with little ram memory but when all the RAM is used, Windows will have to use virtual memory which is stored on the hard disk and is much more slow.

When installing or replacing RAM memory modules it is very important to get the right modules. There are many models, speeds and different technologies and if we make a mistake we may destroy the whole computer and some modules work at different voltages. Also there are some compatibility issues depending on the brand, and it is important to take this into account when buying ?a new memory module.

Windows XP will work with only 256MB but at least 1GB is recommended, if you install 3GB it will fly. Windows Vista and Windows 7 need a minimum of 1GB but 2GB or 3GB is recommended. If you have a 64 bit version installed you will be able to install up to 2TB (2TB=2,000GB=2,000,000MB) on some Windows versions.

Sometimes the RAM memory modules can be quite difficult to access, on some laptops it is under Keyboard, which requires professional?disassembly techniques.

If you want to upgrade the RAM memory on your laptop or desktop do not loose time and money. Contact LoreaTec and we will tell you the maximum memory you can install, find the right modules and?quickly?do the installation.

pc slow

Software and tools that promise to make your PC faster

There are many tools and software promising to increase the speed and performance of your PC. Most of them are a scam, if not worse.

First of all any software that is always loaded on start up will take resources from your computer and your computer will be slower as a result. Do not trust any software that loads on start up and promises a faster computer.

Some tools promise to free RAM memory, this is not true, Windows already has it’s own tools to manage memory and you do not need any external tool, the only thing you will get is less free memory as the new “false” tool is taking it’s part of the memory.

Some registry cleaners and temporary file cleaners may be OK, as long as they do not load every time you boot Windows. But be careful to install only well known software to avoid spyware scams.

To make your PC faster and fix slow computers or long loading times please contact