Bluetooth Beacon Tracking in Japan

Bluetooth tracking can be used for asset tracking as well as retail traffic analytics.

At LOREATEC we can help in all phases, from planning and procurement to installation and maintenance.

It is important to consider that in Japan all wireless devices should have the aplicable Japanese certifications

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kitting Outsourcing warehouse

Mitsui-Soko Japan

Mitsui soko was founded in 1909, soko means warehouse in Japanese and mitsui is the surname of the Mitsui family that stablished the parent enterprise in 1673. The company is currently headquartered at the MSC Center Building in Tokyo.

The ticker symbol in the Tokyo exchange is 9302. The all time highs were in 2007 just before the great recession. As other logistics companies, it has benefited of the current logistics crunch and the stock has more than doubled since april 2020 before falling again in recent months.

Although it has a wider presence in Asia, Mitsui-Soko servers European and American markets as well as a smaller presence in Africa and the Middle East. With many high profile customers all over the world. This is a list of all offices.

Mitsui Soko provides the following services:

  • Warehouse storage
  • Inventory Services
  • Import-Export (Forwarding, Customs Clearance Service)
  • Trunk Room
  • Storage of art and valuables
  • Document storage and management
  • Healthcare Distribution
  • Harbor transport (container terminal, shipping agency, surface shipping)
  • Overseas distribution

At LOREATEC we also provide warehousing and logistics services in Japan, although on a smaller escale and mainly focused on IT equipment. Please see belowsome of the services we provide.

Network Outsourcing server

Network Monitoring & Alarm System

If your network has more than 30 clients and it is a critical piece of your infrastructure it is essential to have a network monitoring tool.

As we visit many companies for IT support we have detected that many companies in Japan lack this basic infrastructure, so when the network drops or there are other similar problems it is difficult to find out what is causing the issues and prevent re-occurence. The logs gathered can also help IT staff justify spending to higher management and the threshold based alerts can warn you of an issue before it occurs.

A network monitoring tool can monitor not only the network devices such as routers and switches, but also wifi controllers, access points, serververs and clients such as printers, PCs or PDAs.

For companies looking to install a monitoring solution, we recommend Zabbix . It is open source and provides extreme flexibility to addapt to your network environment. At LoreaTec we can provide the server, installation, initial set up, regular maintenance of the monitoring solution and most important regular analysis where you can discover areas that need improvement.

Zabbix White Paper

Use the form below if you would like to explore the possibility of installing a monitoring solution at your facilities in Japan.


Driving school for foreigners in Japan

With all the learnings materials in Japanese it can be outright impossible for non native speakers to get driving license in Japan.

If you are frustrated with this situation check out iPS Corporation this solution may save you if you need to get a driving license.


Improve your Japanese with an efficient method

There are many people in Japan that have lived for many years but never got around to properly learning the language. Also many people overseas interested in Japan. For all of you it would be very useful to reach a good Japanese level, it can help you unlock the next level in your career or personal relationship.

For those that identify with the above, check out this website Carlos uses a method based on the research performed during his PHD, so that you can study and learn more efficiently. If you do not follow the correct method you may spend years and thousands of hours without much to show off, so be sure to check his free level test. There are also many interesting tips on his youtube channel with I encourage you check by yourself: