Next Generation Quantum Computer

Check out this video from PsiQuantum. While other quantum computer companies are aiming for dozens or hundreds of qbits, PsiQuantum is aiming for a million. This is a “quantum” leap 😉 from every other existing device.

This escale of computing will enable real world applications such as molecular modeling. Can you imagine what kind of new materials, drugs and applications we may discover? The innovation derived from this can change the world in ways we can only imagine.

Onsite Support Japan Outsourcing server

Regular or dispatch support visits in Japan

For small and middle size offices in Tokyo and other cities in Japan that do not require a full time support engineer, we can schedule regular visits to help your staff with any IT troubles they face. We can also help with server room new equipment installation or equipment replacements and disposal.

We also provide dispatch based support for server room as well as PC troubles. Please contact us with your preferred support method and will send a proposal to support your offices in Japan.

mobile phone repair Outsourcing server

Repair Center Japan

Repair, support and maintenance available for drones, smartphones, tablets, PCs, 3D printers, servers and other electronic devices.

We can support warranty or out of warranty repairs, parts warehousing as well as on site repairs for selected locations.

Inbound and outbound logistics can also be provided. Feel free to contact us with your specific project needs and we will reply quickly with a proposal.

kitting Outsourcing warehouse

Kitting Center

The customer arranges shipping of computers and smartphones from the manufacturer to our warehouse. The equipment is safely stored, if necessary a restricted area can be created.

PCs can be imaged with the company image, if there is any required configuration or stickers as we will apply those as required. Afterwards the PC can be shipped to the end user anywhere in Japan. Next business day delivery is available for most of Japan, only remote islands will need longer shipping times. It is possible to have localiced stock in places like Okinawa or Hokkaido for faster delivery.

Broken or end of life computers can also be returned to the warehouse for repair or disposal. If required we can also issue a LoreaTec signed data safe erasure certification, third party certifications such as Blancco are also available upon request as well as disk drilling service.

Throughout the process all devices can be tracked, we can use a customer provided tool or customers can also be on-boarded into our own tracking and database tool.

Data Center Outsourcing Uncategorized warehouse

Dispatch data center support

We work mostly in Tokyo but can support also other data centers around Japan. The pictures on this post are a real example of a server motherboard replacement.

A short list of tasks we usually perform are:

・hdd /ssd replacement  ・ motherboard replacement

・RAM upgrades     ・Rack, un-rack and safe disposal.

・Parts storage ・Parts shipping from storage

・Resident engineer ・Provide console or remote access

・Provide parts and equipment

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a quick quote for data center support.