Driving school for foreigners in Japan

With all the learnings materials in Japanese it can be outright impossible for non native speakers to get driving license in Japan.

If you are frustrated with this situation check out iPS Corporation this solution may save you if you need to get a driving license.


Improve your Japanese with an efficient method

There are many people in Japan that have lived for many years but never got around to properly learning the language. Also many people overseas interested in Japan. For all of you it would be very useful to reach a good Japanese level, it can help you unlock the next level in your career or personal relationship.

For those that identify with the above, check out this website Carlos uses a method based on the research performed during his PHD, so that you can study and learn more efficiently. If you do not follow the correct method you may spend years and thousands of hours without much to show off, so be sure to check his free level test. There are also many interesting tips on his youtube channel with I encourage you check by yourself:


Next Generation Quantum Computer

Check out this video from PsiQuantum. While other quantum computer companies are aiming for dozens or hundreds of qbits, PsiQuantum is aiming for a million. This is a “quantum” leap 😉 from every other existing device.

This escale of computing will enable real world applications such as molecular modeling. Can you imagine what kind of new materials, drugs and applications we may discover? The innovation derived from this can change the world in ways we can only imagine.

Data Center Outsourcing Uncategorized warehouse

Dispatch data center support

We work mostly in Tokyo but can support also other data centers around Japan. The pictures on this post are a real example of a server motherboard replacement.

A short list of tasks we usually perform are:

・hdd /ssd replacement  ・ motherboard replacement

・RAM upgrades     ・Rack, un-rack and safe disposal.

・Parts storage ・Parts shipping from storage

・Resident engineer ・Provide console or remote access

・Provide parts and equipment

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a quick quote for data center support.


Negative emissions purchase from Vesta project

We believe that everyone has to do their part. So we are using this Nissan Leaf for on site projects when public transport is not feasible.

We are happy to announce that today following the lead of stripe we have purchased negative emissions from Vesta project that will also help them move forward with their pilot project. We are looking forward to making a positive impact both both providing IT support in Japan as well as making the world a better place for future generations.