Safe Data Erasure in Japan

Data erasure, also known as data wiping, is the process of permanently deleting data from a storage device. This is often done to protect sensitive information and ensure that it cannot be recovered. One of the most common methods of data erasure is known as the Department of Defense (DOD) erasure method.

The DOD erasure method involves overwriting the data on a storage device multiple times with a series of 1s and 0s. This makes it nearly impossible to recover the original data, even with advanced data recovery techniques. The DOD recommends performing this process at least three times to ensure complete data erasure.

Data erasure services can be used to wipe data from laptops, desktops, and servers. This is often done when a device is being retired, sold, or repurposed. By wiping the data from the device, businesses can protect themselves from the potential consequences of data breaches, including financial loss, damage to their reputation, and legal action.

In addition to using data erasure services, there are other steps businesses can take to protect themselves and their sensitive data. These include regularly backing up data, encrypting sensitive information, and implementing strict access controls to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Overall, data erasure is an important aspect of data management and security. By using data erasure services and following best practices, businesses can protect themselves and their customers from the risks associated with data breaches.

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Starlink arrives in Japan and installation review

Starlink was activated last week for some areas of Japan that includes Tokyo and Kanagawa all the way north to Akita. Hokkaido and other areas south of Tokyo do not seem to be available yet, but I expect it will be working soon.

Starlink coverage area in Japan as of October 2022

On Monday this week we received what is probably one of the first Starlink antennas in Japan.

The parcel is shipped from California but it arrived very quickly by DHL in 3-4 days after the order. The outer box had some damage from the shipping, but the equipment inside is protected inside a plastic casing, so it was all fine.
The parcel is quite big you can see some measurements in the images below.

When you open the box there is a big white sheet with some Ikea style mount manual. The connection is very easy and before the final installation on the roof we just set it on a table and we had it working in just 2 minutes.

When you power on the antena will move automatically to find the best position.
So be careful not to have anything around it.

Then you need to download the app:

The initial wifi name will have the word starlink on it. It will not have a password so you can connect to the wifi without a password. Then from the mobile app you can change the wifi name and set up a password.

That is all for the installation. Wifi is working and we are getting very high speeds.
We are seeing that the speeds are almost similar to the fiber Internet although the Internet speeds may vary depending on the time of the day and how many satellites are available as well as general network congestion.

The primary use is for remote areas that do not have good internet connection.
For example the ministry of defense is planning to install it on ships to make life in the ships better:

It can also be very useful for businesses that need a backup Internet connection for emergency use.

Best effort speeds for each contract type

Each satellite beams a cell of around 24Km. You can see the cells as an hexagon on starlink website That means that the capacity is the same in a 24Km cell in the middle of the sea or in Tokyo. Because of that there is only a short window during which you will be able to get a starlink lines in the big cities. For example in many areas in the USA such as san francisco or Los Angeles, you can not buy starlink anymore as they already have as many customers as the satellites can support for that area. We expect the same will happen in Tokyo and other cities in Japan. Also you may notice that the speeds get lower once the number of starlink terminals are maxed out in your area.

The starlink constellation of satellites is still increasing, so the speeds and number of terminals that can connect in an area will increase with time, but there will always be a limit for crowded areas.

After you buy starlink you can only use it in the designated area, but you can request moving it to a new area. However if for example you buy it for a location in Tokyo, then you move it to Akita, and then you want to move it back to Tokyo you may not be able to do that if all the slots have been filled for your area in Tokyo.

There is also a business level starlink that costs $500 per month with higher speeds and I expect when the internet is crowded they will give priority to the customers on this plan.

I hope this review was useful for anyone considering starlink in Japan.

We can help Business customers install and integrate starlink on their company network in Japan. Other services we provide are IT warehouse and kitting, data center support, and audio visual installations and maintenance.


Drone Expo Japan 2022: An Overview of the Drone Industry in Japan

LOREATEC Attends Drone Expo Japan

In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, have become an increasingly popular segment of the aeronautics industry. In fact, a report by the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International indicates that the global drone market will reach an estimated value of $11 billion by 2021. In response to this growing demand for UAVs, industry experts have designed specialized trade shows in which attendees can learn more about these technologies and the companies that produce them. One such event is Drone Expo Japan. If you are curious about the drone industry in Japan and would like to know more about this event, keep reading for an overview of Drone Expo Japan.

Who Attended Drone Expo Japan?

The types of people who attend events like Drone Expo Japan include: – Drone manufacturers: Companies that design, produce, and sell UAVs and related products may attend exhibitions like this one to expand their customer base and network with industry leaders. – Industry experts: Engineers, analysts, and other professionals may attend trade events like this one to keep abreast of the latest developments in their fields of work and make connections with like-minded people. – End-users: Businesses, government agencies, and other organizations that use drones for a variety of applications may attend trade shows like this one to learn about the latest developments in this technology and expand their knowledge about how to best utilize UAVs. – Investors: Venture capitalists, angel investors, and other people who fund startups may attend events like this one to source new investment opportunities and find out about the latest trends in the industry. – Students and other individuals exploring careers in the drone industry: Students who are curious about career opportunities in this field and people who are interested in a career change may attend exhibitions like this one to learn more about the industry and meet successful professionals. – Service providers such as LoreaTec. The service providers are an important part of the drone ecosystem. Most manufacturers prefer to outsource drone repairs and warranty servicing and fills that niche in Japan.

What Was Shown at the Exhibition?

At Drone Expo Japan, attendees could learn more about the following technologies and products: – UAV technology: Visitors to this exhibition could learn more about the different types of drones, their components and functions, and the industry’s most recent developments. – Drone applications: Attendees could also learn more about the various ways in which drones can be applied. Some of the most popular applications for drones include aerial surveying, inspecting power lines, agricultural monitoring, land surveying, search and rescue operations, law enforcement, and security. – Drone piloting: Visitors to this event could learn more about the qualifications needed to become a drone pilot, the required certifications, the skill set required for this profession, and the best ways to start a career as a drone pilot. – Drone product development: Visitors to this exhibition could learn more about how to develop a new drone product and how to start a business in this industry. – Drone repair: Businesses that repair broken drones could attend this event to network with new clients and learn more about the latest developments in the industry. – Drone software: Companies that develop software related to drones could attend this exhibition to network with potential clients and learn more about the latest developments in this industry.

The State of the Drone Industry in Japan

The drone industry in Japan experienced significant growth in the past decade. For example, in 2016, a report indicated that the value of the Japanese UAV market was expected to reach approximately $2 billion, with unmanned helicopter sales being the main driver of growth. The report also predicted that the drone market would grow to $5 billion by 2021. In addition to these figures, another report found that the Japanese government had granted more than 50 companies permission to fly drones in the country. This shows that the industry is maturing in the country and gaining more momentum than ever before.

Key Takeaway

The growing popularity of drone technology has created a new and expanding industry with numerous career and business opportunities.

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The Importance of Having a Local Partner for Expanding Your Business in Japan

While it is possible to set up a business in Japan without the assistance of local partners, doing so will significantly increase your risk and difficulty. There are numerous reasons that finding trusted partners is key to expanding your business in Japan. If you’re planning to expand your business in Japan, chances are you’ll need local help to make it happen. Even if you already have Japanese contacts, it’s not enough. The Japanese market is very specific when it comes to business partnerships. That’s why having a partner from Japan such as LoreaTec will open many doors for your company and help you avoid common pitfalls that new companies often face in this country.

Why Finding a Good Local Partner is so Important

Finding the right local partner is crucial for a successful partnership. Your Japanese partner can help you navigate and understand the local business culture. This is especially important when it comes to understanding the nuances of Japanese business etiquette. Your partner can help you navigate cultural differences in communication styles, networking, managing people, and understanding the different expectations of customers and employees. A good relationship and partnership is an essential foundation for success. Finding a good partner also gives you access to a network of contacts in your industry and in related industries. This is critical for getting new business and for building a successful working relationship with clients and other business associates. Your partner’s network will be your network, so finding someone who is well connected will open doors for your company. Finding a good partner is also much less risky than finding a good local employee. While it is possible to hire employees in Japan, it is difficult to find qualified people. While you can train employees, it takes time to find good ones. But when you find the right partner, you can start working right away.

Why a Good Partnership is Crucial in Japan

One of the things that makes Japanese business culture unique is the importance of “giri” and “on”. Giri is a sense of obligation or duty. On is an attitude of cooperation or helpfulness. These two words describe an important aspect of Japanese business and culture. Your partner must feel a sense of obligation to you and your company. If you partner with someone who has no sense of giri or on towards your company, the partnership will not work. The best partnerships are equitable partnerships where all partners contribute equally. But all partnerships are different, so you must find the right fit. You must choose a partner whose skill set complements your company and whose needs are met by your company. You must approach the partnership as mutually beneficial, not as a one-sided deal. A partnership between businesses is more akin to a marriage than a business contract.

What you should look for in a local partnership

While finding a good partner who can help you achieve your business goals is important, so is finding the right partner. When looking for a good partner, consider the following: – Cultural fit – Do you partner with companies that have the same values as your company? Do your partner’s values align with yours? Companies with different values are fine. But if you partner with companies with different values, your company may experience some friction as you try to find common ground with them. – Industry match – You want to partner with companies that do business in industries that are related to yours. This will help you expand your network and find new business opportunities. Ideally, you want to find partners that have experience in the same industry as yours.

The Importance of Being Located in Japan

Your local partner in Japan can help with office, storage and kitting spaces that may practically impossible to contract from overseas. Even if you find real estate you can contract from overseas this will tipically be the most expensive real estate. A local partner can help you set up your warehouse and kitting area in a lower cost second or third tier city as well as provide the kitting, packing and inventory services.

Partnerships with Local Companies

One of the best ways to find a good local partner is to look for a Japanese company that is looking to expand into your market. This is the ideal situation because your partner is interested in working with you and will be motivated to do a good job. When you are looking for a local partner, you want to find companies that are interested in expanding into your market. You can find these companies by attending trade shows, joining industry associations, and searching online for local business businesses that already operate in your target industry.


While it is possible to set up a business in Japan without the assistance of local partners, doing so will significantly increase your risk and difficulty. There are numerous reasons that finding trusted partners is key to expanding your business in Japan. When you find the right partners, you can expand your business more easily, navigate the cultural nuances of the Japanese market, and reduce your risk of failure.


Driving school for foreigners in Japan

With all the learnings materials in Japanese it can be outright impossible for non native speakers to get driving license in Japan.

If you are frustrated with this situation check out iPS Corporation this solution may save you if you need to get a driving license.