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Text file recovery after deleting or quick formatting

If you deleted  a text file or you made a quick format that erased an important text file, first of all, if it is your boot disk do not boot from it again as it may overwrite the sectors where the lost data is stored and now marked empty. If it is not a boot disk, do not write any new data to the disk.

If you followed the recommendations above, there is a good change the data can be recovered. Usually you would like to use Photorec from another computer or from a live Linux CD and save the recovered files to another disk.

However if the text file did not have an extension (text files created with gedit do not have extensions by default), you will not be able to use Photorec. In that case you may try the command bellow from a live Linux CD or from another linux machine.

sudo grep –binary-files=text -C 1000 ‘tex string on the deleted file’ /dev/sdX1 > outfile.txt

You just need to remember a word that was in the text file you are trying to recover. It should be a word that does not come up on any other text file. Then edit /dev/sdX1 and change sdX1 with the correct path to the disk where the erased text is.

Good luck with the recovery! If this text was useful, please do not forget to link to this blog.

data recovery mobile phone repair

SoftBank 830P repair and data recovery


We got this 830P from softbank for repair.

The phone does not turn on. Our customer does not care much about repair but he needs to recover the data.

In this case the easiest way to recover the data is to repair the phone.

We repaired this 830P phone and now our customer can access his contact list, pictures and other important data.

If you need to repair 830P phone in Japan please contact LoreaTec.

We can also repair SIM not recognized problems, bad sd card connectors, broken keypad and broken power connector on this 830P phone.

data recovery water spill repair

Data recovery from Toshiba Harman Kardon with water damage

This Toshiba Hadman Kardon is damaged because water fell on it. Our customer came from Tokyo and brought the PC to our office in Kawaguchi because our great location and prices.

We diagnosed the problem and our customer requested urgent data recovery. We recovered all important files for our customer to an external drive so that the files can be accessed.

Please contact LoreaTec for data recovery in Japan.

boot problem data recovery

Data transfer to an external hard drive

This self built desktop does not boot and our customer needs the data urgently.

This PC has Windows XP installed on two disks set up as RAID.?We urgently recovered all the data on the internal hard disk and transferred it to an external USB disk.

Please contact LoreaTec if you urgently need to get the data of a computer that does not boot.

data recovery mobile phone repair

iPhone Data Recovery

We launched a new data recovery service for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We are using mobile devices more and more and the data they contain is also dear to us. We may loose our data on the iPhone for many reasons.
Three problems that occur often are: mistakenly deleted pictures, all the data on the phone lost after restore or doing a firmware upgrade, phones that do not boot or are bricked.
LoreaTec is based in Kawaguchi, Japan, next to Tokyo. However we take orders from customers worldwide. If you need to recover the data from your phone, we recommend to turn it off as soon as possible to avoid overwriting the sectors where the deleted data was stored. Then you can bring it to our IT centre or ship it to
Namiki 3-3-9 Masaki Building 205
Kawaguchi City
Before coming or shipping your device remember to book your repair from our iPhone data recovery page.