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Repair Center Japan

Repair, support and maintenance available for drones, smartphones, tablets, PCs, 3D printers, servers and other electronic devices.

We can support warranty or out of warranty repairs, parts warehousing as well as on site repairs for selected locations.

Inbound and outbound logistics can also be provided. Feel free to contact us with your specific project needs and we will reply quickly with a proposal.

mobile phone repair

F-05D touch screen repair in Japan

F-05D Repair in Japan

F-05D is a popular phone that is selling well in Japan. This phone was shipped by our customer from Osaka because the digitizer had stopped working after a fall.

Please contact us if you need to repair Japanese keitai or any Japanese smartphone.

mobile phone repair

Softbank 832P Screen Repair

On this Softbank 832P there was a liquid between the screen and the screen cover.

We disassembled the 932P and cleaned the inside of the screen. Now it looks as good as new as you can see on the picture.

Please contact us for for 832P repair.

mobile phone repair

Softbank 730SC Screen Repair

We received this Softbank 730SC for repair at our Kawaguchi repair center.

We replaced the broken screen on the phone without deleting very important data.

Please contact LoreaTec if you need to repair a 730SC without loosing your data.

mobile phone repair

Acer liquid E S100 Screen Repair

Today we repaired this Liquid E S100 from Acer. It is a nice phone with a good design.

Unfortunately?the screen broke and all our customer can see is a few green and purple lines. We replaced the LCD and touch panel which a new screen assembly and now it is as good as new again.

Please contact LoreaTec for Liquid E S100 repair.