Network Outsourcing server

Network Monitoring & Alarm System

If your network has more than 30 clients and it is a critical piece of your infrastructure it is essential to have a network monitoring tool.

As we visit many companies for IT support we have detected that many companies in Japan lack this basic infrastructure, so when the network drops or there are other similar problems it is difficult to find out what is causing the issues and prevent re-occurence. The logs gathered can also help IT staff justify spending to higher management and the threshold based alerts can warn you of an issue before it occurs.

A network monitoring tool can monitor not only the network devices such as routers and switches, but also wifi controllers, access points, serververs and clients such as printers, PCs or PDAs.

For companies looking to install a monitoring solution, we recommend Zabbix . It is open source and provides extreme flexibility to addapt to your network environment. At LoreaTec we can provide the server, installation, initial set up, regular maintenance of the monitoring solution and most important regular analysis where you can discover areas that need improvement.

Zabbix White Paper

Use the form below if you are considering installing a monitoring solution at your facilities in Japan.

Onsite Support Japan Outsourcing server

Regular or dispatch support visits in Japan

For small and middle size offices in Tokyo and other cities in Japan that do not require a full time support engineer, we can schedule regular visits to help your staff with any IT troubles they face. We can also help with server room new equipment installation or equipment replacements and disposal.

We also provide dispatch based support for server room as well as PC troubles. Please contact us with your preferred support method and will send a proposal to support your offices in Japan.

mobile phone repair Outsourcing server

Repair Center Japan

Repair, support and maintenance available for drones, smartphones, tablets, PCs, 3D printers, servers and other electronic devices.

We can support warranty or out of warranty repairs, parts warehousing as well as on site repairs for selected locations.

Inbound and outbound logistics can also be provided. Feel free to contact us with your specific project needs and we will reply quickly with a proposal.

Data Center Network Outsourcing server

Data Center resident technician service

Companies with a large data center footprint will need resident technicians to take care of hardware issues and help the remote management team with troubleshooting. Here is a short list of tasks we take care of on day to day basis:

・Racking and stacking of network devices
・Cable patching
・Physical layer troubleshooting / parts replacement
・Equipment disposal with safe data erasure
・ Inventory Management

・Rack and unrack Servers / Network / Storage / etc
・Provide direct console or network access
・ Circuit testing
・Vendor coordination and supervision
・ Ticket management
・Parts warehouse

On site PC repair server

Cisco router installation in Chiba

This is a building with great views from the top located in Chiba prefecture, Japan.

Today we installed a Cisco 3900 Series router at the customers place in this building.

For router installations we can provide 4G connectivity and a console cable so that the engineer can easily access the configuration terminal. This is useful for troubleshooting and when the router is not accessible because of a couple figuration issue.