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Hokkaido – Sapporo IT Support

Hokkaido prefectural government Park

Cherry blossoms are long gone in Tokyo but in colder Sapporo trees are in full bloom in May.

Today we have helped our partner set up a Cisco device near this nice park (Hokkaido Prefectural government).

Do not hesitate to contact LoreaTec for any of your IT needs in Japan.

On site PC repair server

Cisco router installation in Chiba

This is a building with great views from the top located in Chiba prefecture, Japan.

Today we installed a Cisco 3900 Series router at the customers place in this building.

For router installations we can provide 4G connectivity and a console cable so that the engineer can easily access the configuration terminal. This is useful for troubleshooting and when the router is not accessible because of a couple figuration issue.