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Smart hands data center network and server support in Japan

We work mostly in Tokyo and nearby data centers (Yokohama, Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi) but can support also other data centers around Japan. The pictures on this post are a real example of a server motherboard replacement.

A short list of tasks we usually perform are:

・hdd /ssd replacement  ・ motherboard replacement

・RAM upgrades     ・Rack, un-rack and safe disposal

・Parts storage ・Parts shipping from storage

・Resident engineer ・Provide console or remote access

・Provide parts and equipment

・Portable Internet for the remote team to be able to proceed with the configuration during migrations and downtime.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a quick quote for data center on site support in Japan.

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Data Center resident technician service

Companies with a large data center footprint will need resident technicians to take care of hardware issues and help the remote management team with troubleshooting. Here is a short list of tasks we take care of on day to day basis:

・Racking and stacking of network devices
・Cable patching
・Physical layer troubleshooting / parts replacement
・Equipment disposal with safe data erasure
・ Inventory Management

・Rack and unrack Servers / Network / Storage / etc
・Provide direct console or network access
・ Circuit testing
・Vendor coordination and supervision
・ Ticket management
・Parts warehouse

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Hokkaido – Sapporo IT Support

Hokkaido prefectural government Park

Cherry blossoms are long gone in Tokyo but in colder Sapporo trees are in full bloom in May.

Today we have helped our partner set up a Cisco device near this nice park (Hokkaido Prefectural government).

Do not hesitate to contact LoreaTec for any of your IT needs in Japan.

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Ubiquiti router disable WAN access to GUI

If you do not plan to change settings on your ubiquiti router remotely it is a recommended security measure to disable SSH and graphical interface (GUI) access from the Internet. By default anyone that knows your public IP can try to log-in using the GUI or SSH.

The commands to disable the above as as follows:

set service gui listen-address
set service ssh listen-address

( is the default gateway, if you LAN gateway is not, you should change the IP to match your LAN gateway IP).

It is also possible to disable SSH completely from the GUI. Click on system tab and un-check ssh access. This will block SSH completely wont work even from your LAN, , only the GUI will remain accessible.

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Telecommunications  equipment support at floating solar panel site

Floating solar panels are provide cheap power without using valuable land. At the same time they reduce algae growth which increases the quality of the water and the nearby body of water cools the panels in summer increasing efficiency. A win for all players involved.

Today we provided telecomunication equipment installation near this site as well as remote hands support for a  CISCO  router.