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Managing IT assets while securely handling your data

We provide worry-free IT asset managing solutions, including, hardware repair, kitting, responsibly recycling your electronic scrap, securely handling your data, packing, crating, shipping, tracking, and warehousing.

NBD delivery is available in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and most prefectures in Japan for orders made before midday. For remote sites such as Hokkaido and Okinawa, 2BD is the standard. For critical operations same prefecture warehousing can be set up for faster delivery.

For this example project we provided parts storage and quick replacements. When the customer had a PC or smartphone with a hardware problem, we would immediately ship a replacement, then once the faulty is received it will be repaired and put back in stock for future replacements.

Optionally when the user does not want a replacement, the same PC can be repaired and returned without touching the data. We request all customers to use encryption so that there is no way that the data can be altered.

Use the contact form below to send your project details and request a quote.

mobile phone repair

Softbank 832P Screen Repair

On this Softbank 832P there was a liquid between the screen and the screen cover.

We disassembled the 932P and cleaned the inside of the screen. Now it looks as good as new as you can see on the picture.

Please contact us for for 832P repair.

mobile phone repair

SO905i Phone Repair

This SO905i is a docomo keitai with a digital TV tuner.

After an accidental fall, it stopped working. It would not boot at all. As our customer has many important data on this phone we fixed this SO905i so that the data can be accessed again.

Do not hesitate to contact LoreaTec for SO905i repair.

data recovery mobile phone repair

SoftBank 830P repair and data recovery


We got this 830P from softbank for repair.

The phone does not turn on. Our customer does not care much about repair but he needs to recover the data.

In this case the easiest way to recover the data is to repair the phone.

We repaired this 830P phone and now our customer can access his contact list, pictures and other important data.

If you need to repair 830P phone in Japan please contact LoreaTec.

We can also repair SIM not recognized problems, bad sd card connectors, broken keypad and broken power connector on this 830P phone.

mobile phone repair

iPhone 3G Volume Button Repair

iphone 3g volume button repair

We received this iPhone 3G by post for repair. The volume button fell and got lost and now it can not be used.

We repaired this iPhone by replacing the button and now it is working again.

Please contact LoreaTec iPhone repair service in Japan to fix your iPhone 3G lost volume button.