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Managing IT assets while securely handling your data

We provide worry-free IT asset managing solutions, including, hardware repair, kitting, responsibly recycling your electronic scrap, securely handling your data, packing, crating, shipping, tracking, and warehousing.

NBD delivery is available in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and most prefectures in Japan for orders made before midday. For remote sites such as Hokkaido and Okinawa, 2BD is the standard. For critical operations same prefecture warehousing can be set up for faster delivery.

For this example project we provided parts storage and quick replacements. When the customer had a PC or smartphone with a hardware problem, we would immediately ship a replacement, then once the faulty is received it will be repaired and put back in stock for future replacements.

Optionally when the user does not want a replacement, the same PC can be repaired and returned without touching the data. We request all customers to use encryption so that there is no way that the data can be altered.

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Outsourcing warehouse

End to End management of IT assets life cycle in Japan

Use our warehousing services and have peace of mind. We understand that your ideal provider will take care of all issues and make sure to complete orders on time without adding to your worries, that is our compromise and the reason we will not let you down.

For the length of this project we provided EOL support at a volume for several hundred PCs per month, with pick ups in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and other areas of Japan.

End of Lease and Asset Recovery

Assets picked up on site or shipped to our warehouse by the customer. Data safe erasure to be done on site or at our warehouse.

End of life refurbishment or scrap following local regulations.


Track assets during all steps of the process. Workload planning. Emergency orders and order cancellations support. Dedicated point of contact, emergency continuity plans.

Mobility Products

We can also process smartphones and tablets (Android & iOS). Serial verification, factory reset, data overwrite, sim card removal and destroy.

Quality Management System

Set up quality control steps, report incidents and continuous improvement process based on each detected incident.

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