boot problem

Acer laptop does not boot

This Acer laptop bought in Hong Kong one year ago does not boot. It doesn’t start up even in safe mode. We get the blue screen with error 0x0000007E and 0x0000007B. After a thorough check we find out that it has got unrecoverable file damage. First we save all important data, after that we reinstall windows and put the saved files back into the system. For more information visit

data safe erase

Hard disk safe erase

We safely erased all the information in this hard disk. With our special tools no information can be recovered after the safe erase process. Normal file delete nor complete disk formatting do not safely erase data, even if you install a new operating system many files may be recovered from the old system. Now our customer can safely discard or sell the computer. Total cost: flat repair fee. /e/

start up trouble

Lenovo laptop does not boot

laptop heat sink

We fixed a Lenovo laptop that a customer brought today to our office. It was having problems during start up and it would not boot properly. We detected that the processor was overheating with nearly 90 degrees Celsius and the hard disk was at 48 degrees celsious. First we fixed the over heating problem cleaning the thick layer of dust on the heat sink and applying new thermal grease to the processor. Opening a laptop can be a difficult task, but we have the tools and experience to do it safely and quickly. Then we fixed the hard disk errors and the computer was fixed. Our customer was very happy he did not loose any data and we fixed the laptop on the same day.

password recovery

Suddenly Windows asks for password

This dual core NEC computer with windows vista suddenly started asking for a password and the customer could not log in. We fixed this problem in 40 minutes. Now our customer can log in and all her information has been saved.